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MWeb™ Universal Administrator's Guide


Welcome to MWeb!

Welcome, and thank you for using MWeb Universal! We hope this document provides the information you need to make MWeb Universal work for your organization. Please email us if there is anything missing or unclear, using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

How MWeb Works

MWeb Universal works by having passing on the users' search requests to Data Connectors on each server hosting a Database. The Data Connectors find the data and return it in XML format. MWeb then displays the results. MWeb and each Database can all be on separate servers, all on the same server, or any other configuration.

MWeb refers to the collection of Databases you plan to search as the Project. Each Project has a Project Owner who has the authority to create and make changes to the Project.

Data Connectors can access Databases ONLY through ODBC (Online Database Connectivity, a universal standard method for accessing databases). Your Database servers must have the appropriate ODBC drivers. Usually this is a free download from the database software vendor, such as Microsoft, MySQL, or Oracle.

MWeb never makes any changes of any kind to your Databases. It uses Control Tables to store all the information it requires.

Capitalized terms in our documentation indicate terms with precise meanings. The most important ones are defined in the MWeb Glossary.

Getting Started

To get started with MWeb, first install it, then configure the Database(s). Then you are ready to go. Other configuration and design options can come later.

Here is an overview of the installation and configuration steps:

  1. Install the software
  2. Configure the Project to optimize integrated searching
  3. Add the Databases
  4. (Optional) Modify the appearance of the user interface

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